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The Difference Between Cold Elbow Machine And Hot Elbow Machine 返回首頁

There are a variety of machines with different functions in the machinery industry. It is very important to choose the right machinery and equipment. The cold elbow machine factory will give you a detailed introduction to the cold elbow machine and the hot elbow machine. The cold elbow machine is a process technology in which metal plates such as coils, strips, etc. are continuously bent horizontally through multiple-pass forming rolls arranged in sequence to make specific cross-section profiles. Cold bending is a material-saving, energy-saving, high-efficiency, advanced and applicable sheet metal forming process. After the 1970s, the performance of the cold elbow machine was further improved. At the same time, the bent tube inner tube was successfully developed. It can be used with the cold elbow machine to bend thin-walled, high-strength, large-diameter oil and gas pipeline steel pipes, and the maximum bend diameter reaches 1524mm. . In the construction of large-diameter long-distance pipelines abroad, the United States has been using vertical hydraulic (ie vertical) pipe benders since the 1960s, which can bend steel pipes of various wall thicknesses from 6 to 30 inches.


At present, there are nearly 10 cold-elbow machine manufacturers in some developed countries. The basic structure of the models produced are all vertical hydraulic types, and the inner tube types mainly include pneumatic and hydraulic types. The hydraulic inner tube has a compact structure and a stable and reliable hydraulic transmission by means of the hydraulic station of the whole machine, which can ensure that the pipeline does not undergo elliptical deformation during the prefabrication process. The advantages of the pneumatic structure inner tube are fast walking speed and high efficiency of bending pipe prefabrication, but it needs to be equipped with an additional air compressor, and the system has poor working stability and is difficult to control.

Cold-Elbow Machine

 Cold-Elbow Machine

Hot elbow machine product performance characteristics: intelligent operation panel, simple and easy to operate; accurate angular positioning, free adjustment of 0-180; energy-saving infrared heating, temperature can be adjusted according to the nature of the plate; heating mobile platform of the water circulation cooling system; according to the nature of the material, etc. , Set the time and temperature to automatically form instantly; the hot bending workpiece is flat without scratches, deformation, sticking, or bubbles; the water temperature alarm and leakage protection function ensure safe operation; equipped with a measuring ruler to ensure the standardization of mass production workpieces.


Compared with the cold elbow machine, we know that there are many shortcomings of hot bending: the steel is heated in the coke oven, and then the model is used for bending. There are many disadvantages, such as more processes, troublesome cutting, high labor intensity, heating and bending, and cooling. When forming, it needs to be cut again;


The cold elbow machine is characterized by simple procedures, fast forming, and can reduce the labor intensity of workers.


If you have the above requirements, welcome to contact our cold elbow machine supplier.

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