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How To Reduce The Springback Of The Pipe Bending Die Of The Pipe Bending Machine? 返回首頁

The operator of the pipe bending machine needs to be trained in the safe operation rules of the pipe bending machine, familiar with the structure, performance, principle, daily maintenance and programming of the machine, and it can be operated after passing the assessment. So how to reduce the return of the pipe bending tool How about bombs? According to the manufacturer of the hot bending machine, after the bending of the pipe bending machine, the punch and the die are separated. When the workpiece is not subjected to external force, due to the elastic recovery, the curvature radius and bending angle of the bent part of the bent piece are removed by the bending external force The phenomenon that changes afterwards is called rebound. Specific measures include the following:

1. Use correct bending instead of free bending, increase bending force and heat bending.

2. For the bending parts of general materials, it can increase the pressing force or reduce the gap between the convex and concave molds to reduce the springback.

3. The selection of materials with large elastic modulus, small yield limit, and stable mechanical properties can also reduce the springback of the bending parts.

4.Improve part design. Design ribs or forming wings in the deformation zone to increase the rigidity of the bending parts and the deformation degree of the forming wings.

5. The punch can be made into the shape shown, reducing the contact area between the punch and the workpiece, so that the pressure is concentrated in the bending deformation area, and the deformation degree of the deformation area is increased.

6. V-shaped bending can subtract a rebound angle on the punch. U-shaped bending can make the tilting angle of the punch wall equal to the rebound angle or make the top surface of the punch into a curved surface to compensate the springback on both sides.

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